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Self Help Guides

Northumberland Health Trust Psychology Department have produced a number of free Self Help Information Guides on a variety of subjects on Stress, Anxiety and Depression.
Just click on the relevant document link below to be taken straight to that self help guide which you can read for free and/or print out.  In order to read these self-help guides you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader Software.  If you do not have this software you can obtain it free from -

Northumberland Mental Health NHS Trust Self-Help Leaflets

Bereavement - A Self Help Guide

Depression - An Information Leaflet

Depression and Low Mood - A Self Help Guide

Controlling Anger - A Self Help Guide

Obsessions and Compulsions - A Self Help Guide

Panic - A Self Help Guide

Post Traumatic Stress - A Self Help Guide

Shyness and Social Phobia - A Self Help Guide

Sleep Problems - A Self Help Guide

Stress - A Self Help Guide

Stress and Anxiety - A Self Help Guide

Understanding Voices and Disturbing Beliefs