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Stress and Anxiety

"The man who washed until he bled;
the woman who had spent her adult life
virtually a prisoner in her own home
because of agoraphobia;
the seventeen year old whose obsession with
her bowels courted life-long physical handicap;
the thirteen year old boy who was contemplating
suicide through his fear of school.
None of these, and the thousands upon thousands like them,
suffer as they do,  because of weakeness -
It is because they have a clinical disorder......"

A certain amount of anxiety is a vital and healthy defence mechanism in us all.  It's function is to help to prevent us getting into dangerous situations and in the Short-term, low levels help us to perform better at interviews etc.  However anxiety that is severe enough to interfere with our daily activites is not healthy and it's not usefull.  Anxiety conditions are very common and along with depression are the most common psychological conditions we can suffer and affects many millions of peole in the Uk alone.
For example in The Facts leaflet published by the anxiety charity No-Panic in Telford, Shropshire it says:
  • up to five million people in the UK suffer Agoraphobia
  • up to one million people in the UK suffer Social phobia
  • up to four million people in the UK suffer Specific phobia
  • up to two million people in the UK suffer Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • up to two million people in the UK are on tranquilisers long term.

That's the bad news.  The good news is that you don't have to put up with anxiety, because there has been literally a revolution in the recent past in psychopharmacology and also new forms of psychological therapy like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy have been developed which research has proven can help reduce anxiety suffering.


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