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Stress Help

Welcome to the Home Page 

We are a voluntary, self-help organisation run by qualified health professionals who also suffer with anxiety and depression. Our mission is to advise people who are suffering stress, anxiety, depression and to help to destigmatise mental health.

Our aim is to advise on the use of strategies such as exercise, nutrition, alcohol reduction, talking therapies, ear acupuncture, massage, T'ai Chi, etc., that can be used in conjunction with care from G.P.'s, Psychiatrists and other qualified Mental Health professionals to help manage psychological health problems like anxiety and depression, helping to reduce their negative impact on our lives.

Anxiety and depression affect the lives of many millions of people. Research by The Royal College of Psychiatrists has indicated that 1:4 of the UK population will suffer from a psychological health problem like anxiety or depression at some point in their lives.

Psychological health problems like anxiety and depression are real, medical conditions and not just "all in the mind". They are partly caused by an imbalance of chemical neurotransmitter hormones in the nervous system and not due to weaknesses of character.

Anxiety and depression are complex emotional disorders, they do not mean you are going insane, they are among the most treatable health conditions that we suffer.

The following pages can be used in conjunction with treatment from health professionals. They should not be used instead of orthodox treatment. Anxiety and depression are very serious health conditions and we advise you not to self treat or self diagnose.

If you believe you are suffering from anxiety or depression our strongest advice is that your first action should be to contact your GP immediately so he/she can accurately diagnose your condition and begin any treatment that may be required, as untreated clinical depression can lead to suicides, thoughts of suicide and thoughts of self-harm.

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